Butch Stanifer

Butch Stanifer

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I work with Investors from the US and other Countries that have an interest in purchasing Real Estate in the Indianapolis Area. I find and purchase the properties for the investors and help take the properties through the rehab and rental process.

My Address

10412 Allisonville Rd, Fishers, IN, USA

My Properties


Amazing Anderson Flip Opportunity

120 E 75th St, Anderson, IN 46013


Washington Twp Flip Opportunity

2602 W 60th St Indianapolis, IN 46228


Perry TWP Investment Opportunity

237 E Waterbury Rd Indianapolis, IN 46227


Decatur Twp BRRR

4304 S Lynhurst Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46221


Investment Opportunity in Pike Twp

4533 W 81st Pl, Indianapolis, IN 46268