Episode 22- Books on Culture

Dustin, Tony and Michael Kelly of Developer Town finish up their talk on culture and their favorite books on the subject. Subscribe Now

Episode 21 – Culture

Dustin, Tony and Michael Kelly of Developer Town talk about building culture, critiques and training.Subscribe Now

Episode 20 – Pivots

Dustin, Tony and Michael Kelly of Developer Town talk about industry frenemies and when and why to pivot.Subscribe Now

Episode 19 – Content Marketing

Welcome to Galvanize - Dustin and Tony talk about the critical concepts of content marketing. Subscribe Now

Episode 18 – Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Dustin, Tony and Don Aquilano from Allos Ventures talk about the biggest mistakes they see entrepreneurs make.Subscribe Now

Episode 17 – Limitations on Investment

Don Aquilano from Allos Ventures joins Dustin and Tony to discuss why a great pitch, might still get a no, and other places to look for money.Subscribe Now


Galvanize: The definition of galvanize is to shock or excite someone into taking action, or to coat with a protective layer. Our mission is to do both of these things for the builder, the entrepreneur, the small business owner. We are here to teach a mindset, a way to “land bank” wealth and to acquire assets that kick off cash flow and grow in value.

We are also here to help you face the challenges of a small business owner, earner and entrepreneur. To navigate the good, bad and the ugly by showing your our good, bad and ugly.

We have found this path of entrepreneurship and investing to be at times to be both exciting and frightening. To be lonely and overwhelming.

Our mission is to show you there is someone else in your corner. Our mission is to share our challenges and victories for building businesses and building wealth.


Our show will have rants, riffs, interviews, coaching, breakthroughs, frustrations, strategies, tactics and real world examples of what you can use right now.

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Tony Scelzo

Tony Scelzo


Tony is a serial entrepreneur and has coached over a hundred businesses, trained sales people and designed go to market strategies for companies.  He has written two books on business,  The Ultimate Tech Start Up Manual and The Domino Effect

Dustin Ruhl

Dustin Ruhl


Dustin has been the number sales person and deal maker at every job he has ever had for the last 15 years.  He has built two multi-million dollar real-estate businesses and construction companies in just 5 years.

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